Who We Are?



冰峰体育是一家体育营销综合运营商。作为专业体育营销公司, “体育+科技”是我们的业务特色,利用互联网技术手段与传统体育相互融合发展方式,满足体育服务的升级需求,向体育组织提供如数据、可视化服务等体育科技产品。擅长使用科技手段有机融合体育消费场景,提高商业转化。体育大数据运营是冰峰体育核心竞争力之一,自主开发的冰球数据服务平台,已经为多个冰雪运动协会和社会体育组织提供了高效的、一站式互联网服务。

ICEPEAK Sports Introduction

 ICEPEAK Sports is a comprehensive sports marketing operator. As a professional sports marketing company, “Sports Technology” is our business feature. We use Internet technology and traditional sports to integrate and develop to meet the upgrading needs of sports services, and provide sports organizations with sports technology products such as data and visualization services. Good at using scientific and technological means to organically integrate sports consumption scenarios to improve business transformation. Sports big data operation is one of the core competitiveness of  ICEPEAK Sports. The self-developed ice hockey data service platform has provided efficient and one-stop services for many ice and snow sports associations and social sports organizations.